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E80 Group Highlights Top Press Clippings of 2023

The year 2023 witnessed dynamic progress and significant milestones for our Group, as demonstrated by the selected press clippings below, published both nationally and internationally in leading general and specialized media outlets.

One of the standout highlights is the recognition of our President, Enrico Grassi, as the Cavaliere del Lavoro. "The Cavaliere del Lavoro, received from the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, recognizes not only my personal commitment, but also the collective dedication of all my employees and the deep bonds we've forged with our community”, remarks our President, emphasizing the significance of teamwork and our proud contribution to the local development.

Our initiatives in artificial intelligence and software development received notable mentions, along with our ongoing efforts to address cybersecurity challenges in the industrial sector, showcasing our resolute commitment to leading-edge innovation.

On the corporate social responsibility front, various local newspapers have spotlighted the Group's dedication to fostering community and regional growth, with a specific emphasis on empowering the younger generation.

These press clippings not only commemorate our achievements but also inspire us to continually push the boundaries of possibility in our pursuit of excellence.

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E80 Group Highlights Top Press Clippings of 2023