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Cookies are short fragments of text (letters and / or numbers) that allow the web server to store information on the client (the browser) to be reused during the same visit to the site (session cookies) or later, even at a distance of days (persistent cookies). Cookies are stored, based on user preferences, by the single browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone). Those who do not wish to receive cookies can also decide to disable them once and for all. Each browser has its own way to limit or disable cookies as better specified below.


Cookies are classified into different types based on:

A. Duration:

  • session cookie (temporary) automatically deleted when the browser is closed.
  • persistent cookie active until its expiration date or its cancellation by the user.

B. Origin:

  • first-party cookies sent to the browser directly from the site you are visiting.
  • third-party cookies sent to the browser by other sites and not by the site you are visiting.

C. Purpose

  • technical cookie

• navigation / performance / process or security cookies contributes to the functioning of the site, for example the possibility of navigating between pages or accessing protected areas. If it is blocked, the site cannot function properly.

• functionality / preferences / location / status cookie of the session allows you to store information that changes the behavior or appearance of the site (preferred language, size of texts and fonts, geographical area in which you are located). If it is blocked, the experience is less functional but not compromised.

• statistical / analytic cookies a) first-party or b) third-party with IP masking, without data crossing similar to the technical cookie for purposes, it is used to collect information and generate website usage statistics to understand how visitors interact .

  • non-technical cookie

• third-party statistical / analytic cookie without IP masking, without data crossing, is used to collect information to generate usage statistics, with possible user identification and tracking, of the website to understand how visitors interact.

• profiling / advertising / tracking or conversion cookies for the selection of advertising based on what is relevant for a user (personalized ads). Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user and which are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of surfing the net. Due to the particular invasiveness that these devices may have within the private sphere of users, European and Italian legislation provides that the user must be adequately informed about their use and thus express their valid consent.


The owner of the site has read the Provision of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data "Identification of the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies - May 8, 2014 (Published in the Official Gazette n . 126 of 3 June 2014)", as well as subsequent interventions by the Guarantor Authority regarding" cookies ". Pursuant to this provision, it wishes to inform Users that its corporate website uses the following Cookies.

  • Technical and aggregate statistics cookies

This Website uses Cookies to save the User's session and to carry out other activities that are strictly necessary for the operation of this Website, for example in relation to the distribution of traffic. Cookies in this category include both persistent and session cookies:

- persistent: once the browser is closed, they are not destroyed but remain up to a present expiration date

- session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed.

- first part: they belong to the visited website, which transmits them directly to the visitor

- third party: they come from third party sites with respect to the one visited. As it will be explained below, the owner of the site has no control over them, and the related information and their possible disabling does not compromise navigability in any way. The use of these cookies is governed by the rules set up by third parties.

This Website also uses Cookies to save browsing preferences and to optimize the User's browsing experience. These cookies include, for example, those for setting the language and currency or for the management of statistics by the owner of the site.

These cookies are not used for other purposes and are normally installed directly by the website owner. Without the use of these cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and / or less secure.

The E80 Group website also uses c.d. "Analytics" through Google Analytics, a web analysis service, provided by the third party Google LLC (Google) which uses analytical cookies that are installed on the user's computer to collect data and perform statistical analysis, in aggregate and anonymous form, on the use of the visited website; these cookies are assimilated to technical cookies when used for the purpose of optimizing the site directly by the owner of the site, who will be able to collect information in aggregate form on the number of users and how they visit the site. In particular, Users are informed that in relation to the so-called cookies Third-party "analytics" used by the site have been adopted tools that reduce the identification power of cookies (for example, by masking significant portions of the IP address) and the third party does not cross the information collected with others it already has ).

On the web page you can find more information on this service.

Google's Privacy Policy ( regulates the processing of personal data of users who use Google products and services.

The list of cookies used by Google Analytics with the indication of their name, the function performed by each of them and their duration can be found at the following address:

Specifically, the Website currently uses the following Cookies:




Description: Cookie used by PHP to track sessions (contains a unique identifier for your session on the website (technical cookie - navigation)

Type/Expiration Time: browsing session

Origin: First party



Description: The _ga cookie is a cookie that allows you to number visits to the site and therefore to know its effectiveness (technical - statistical cookie)

Type/Expiration Time: 2 years

Origin: Google Analytics



Description: The _gat cookie is a cookie used to limit requests (technical - statistical cookie)

Type/Expiration Time: 10 minutes

Origin: Google Analytics


_ gid

Description: The _gid cookie is a cookie used to identify the session (technical - statistical cookie)

Type/Expiration Time: 1 day

Origin: Google Analytics



Description: Set a unique ID for the session. This allows the website to obtain data on visitor behavior for statistical purposes.

Type/Expiration Time: Persistent

Origin: First part



Type/Expiration Time: 1 day

Origin: First part


_iub_cs ***

Description: These cookies allow you to track your browsing consent and its continuation. They help manage the preventive blocking of any scripts and their asynchronous reactivation.

Type/Expiration Time: 1 year

Origin: First part


  • Profiling cookies and third-party services

This website reserves the right to use third-party cookies for both profiling and analysis purposes: Google Ads, Google Analytics, as well as other cookies of advertising partners or tracking systems of similar statistics. These cookies can also be used for the collection of demographic data, reports on user metrics, data for re-marketing to support campaigns also through Facebook or LinkedIn.

For the use of profiling cookies, the consent of the data subject is required.

  • Social network cookies


This website also integrates third-party cookies generated by social plugins for networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. etc., to facilitate the sharing of your content. These plugins are represented by buttons displayed on the host site that do not have automatic operation but transmit information through cookies only behind a user action (one click). These functionality additions involve the use of cookies, used exclusively for the purpose of sharing or to allow the use of software offered by third parties. Cookies relating to integrated services are sent directly by third-party companies providing the service. Since the installation of third-party Cookies and other tracking systems through the services used within this Website cannot be technically controlled by the Owner, any specific references to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered indicative. To obtain complete information, the User is invited to consult the privacy policy of any third-party services listed in this document and to inquire about the related use and disablement policies.

Given the objective complexity of identifying the technologies based on the Cookies, the User is invited to contact the Owner if he wishes to receive any further information relating to the use of the Cookies themselves through this Website.

  • Re-marketing cookies

These third-party cookies, when present, allow you to show advertisements based on the interests expressed by users while browsing online on the websites and APPs belonging to the circuit of the third party that released these cookies. For example, the re-marketing cookies used by this site may be those of the Google Display Network and the Facebook Audience Network platform. The following paragraphs provide links to disable the use of these cookies by Google and Facebook.


The User can manage cookie preferences directly within his browser and prevent - for example - third parties from installing them.

With the exception of technical cookies strictly necessary for normal navigation, the provision of data is left to the will of the interested party who decides to browse the site after having read, upon access, the short information contained in the appropriate banner.

To avoid the installation of cookies, you can disable this function through the special functions available on your browser.

Through the browser preferences it is also possible to delete the cookies installed in the past, including the cookie in which the consent to the installation of cookies by this site is possibly saved. The procedure for managing cookies is different for each browser. The User can find information on how to manage cookies with some of the most popular browsers, for example at the following addresses:

- Internet Explorer:

- Google Chrome:

- Mozilla Firefox:

- Apple Safari:

It is possible for individual User to deny consent to the use of cookies by selecting the setting he deems appropriate on his browser and choosing which cookies to authorize.

If users / visitors want to decide from time to time whether to accept cookies or not, they can also configure their browser to generate an alert each time a cookie is saved.

Furthermore, depending on the browser used, any options to navigate without cookies are available, such as:

- Block third-party cookies: third-party cookies are generally not essential for browsing, so you can reject them by default, through specific functions of your browser.

- Activate the Do Not Track option: Do Not Track option is present in most of the latest generation browsers. Websites designed to comply with this option, when activated, should automatically stop collecting some of your browsing data. As said, however, not all websites are set up to respect this option (discretionary).

- Activate the "anonymous browsing" mode: using this function you can navigate without leaving a trace in the browser of your browsing data. The sites will not remember you, the pages you visit will not be stored in the history and the new cookies will be deleted. The anonymous browsing function does not however guarantee anonymity on the Internet, because it only serves to not keep browsing data in the browser, while instead your browsing data will continue to be available to website operators and connectivity providers.

- Delete cookies directly: there are special functions to do it in all browsers. Remember, however, that every time you connect to the Internet, new cookies are downloaded, so the cancellation operation should be performed periodically.


With reference to cookies installed by third parties, the User can also manage his own settings and withdraw consent by visiting the relative opt out link (if available), using the tools described in the third party's privacy policy or by contacting the same directly.

To disable the use of analytical cookies and prevent Google Analitycs from collecting browsing data, you can download the component available at the following link:

Google+ / YouTube:

Privacy policy:

Indications for managing and disabling cookies:


Privacy policy:

Indications for managing and disabling cookies:


Indications for managing and disabling cookies:


Privacy policy:

Cookie policy:

It should be noted that even if the authorization to use third-party cookies is revoked, before this revocation the cookies may have been stored on the User / Customer terminal. For technical reasons, it is not possible to delete these cookies, however the User's / Customer's browser allows them to be deleted from the privacy settings. The browser options contain the "Clear browsing data" option which can be used to delete cookies, site data and plug-ins.


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For any further need for further information on the topic of so-called "Cookies" you can consult the following link:

To find out how to limit, block and / or remove the cookies set on your device, you can visit the following link:


This Cookie Policy may undergo changes over time - also related to the possible entry into force of new sector regulations, to the updating or provision of new services or to technological innovations - so we invite you to periodically consult this page.