Safety is top priority in everything we do and at every level of our company.

E80 Group’s aim has always been to guarantee and improve the safety of factories through cutting-edge automated logistic solutions. To achieve this, we continue to dedicate significant resources to developing the latest proven design techniques and to organizing high-end training schemes.

Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVs) are constantly in motion and operate over a large area, including areas in and around the production lines, around the warehouse and at the truck loading bays. Stopping the line does not necessarily stop the AGVs. Safety thus becomes a top priority. To this end, E80 Group performs various activities before, during and after system installation.

  • R&D activities to ensure that systems and design methods are state of the art and incorporate the latest technology;
  • Presales system engineering activities, during which an initial risk assessment to guarantee maximum factory safety is completed, based on the customer’s specific project requirements (space available, material flows and inventory/SKU requirements for warehouses);
  • Factory visits to inform the customer of the best practices needed to reduce residual risks;
  • Safety training programs to inform customers of best operating practices.