E80 Group's Corporate Social Responsibility embraces the company's way of thinking, producing, investing, training and communicating. It starts from the premise that the Group has first and foremost social, environmental and economic responsibility, which through daily planning and action contributes to creating a better tomorrow for the community, for the ecosystem in which we live and for future generations.

Ethics and compliance are among the fundamental values of the enterprise policy of E80 Group S.p.A. The E80 Group every day undertakes to manage in a correct, transparent, responsible and sustainable manner its business and relationships with its employees, directors, interns, members of corporate bodies, collaborators, consultants, candidates, suppliers and any other person who is influenced by its business choices.

Code of Ethics

E80 Group has adopted a Code of Ethics that defines the fundamental values and ethical-social principles that guide the actions of all Group companies, their people and those who contribute to achieving their objectives. The Code of Ethics represents the Group's charter of rights, duties and responsibilities towards all its stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, Public Administration, shareholders, financial market, community, etc.).

The Code of Ethics is addressed to the members of the corporate bodies, the management and the employees and collaborators of all E80 Group companies, as well as to any third party, such as suppliers, commercial and industrial partners, who collaborate or work in the name or on behalf or in the interest of E80, wherever they operate and in whatever way they contribute to creating value for the Group.

Integrity, ethics, responsibility, transparency, confidentiality, equal opportunities and protection of human rights, quality, innovation, sustainable growth, environmental protection and community support are the values that constitute the essence of E80 Group and on which the Code of Ethics is based: they must be shared and applied by all stakeholders as the basis for a relationship of mutual trust.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct consolidates the attention that E80 Group pays to its supply chain and sets out the values and principles that its suppliers are required to respect and share: business ethics and integrity, respect for human and labour rights, environmental protection and sustainability, passion for excellence and transparency.

The suppliers represent essential partners for the success of the company; full sharing and respect for the ethical-social values that guide E80 Group's business activities are a fundamental requirement for continuous improvement and mutual growth in order to optimize the value chain for the consumer products industry.

E80 Group therefore requires its suppliers and business partners to adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct and to act in accordance with its provisions.

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Model of Organisation, Management and Control of E80 Group s.p.a.

In accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 containing the “Regulations on the administrative liability of legal entities, companies and associations, including those without legal personality”, E80 Group S.p.A. has adopted its own Organisation, Management and Control Model ('Model 231').

Model 231, together with the Code of Ethics, integrates the overall system of preventive control of E80 Group S.p.A. with respect to the commission of offences under Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and represents a reference for all specific policies and regulatory instruments governing activities potentially exposed to the risk of offences.

For this purpose, E80 Group S.p.A. has appointed a Supervisory Body, independent and autonomous, responsible for overseeing the adequacy and effectiveness as well as the proper functioning of the Model 231 and the Code of Ethics of E80 Group S.p.A.

Any communications addressed to the Supervisory Body can be forwarded through:

  • e-mail address: odv.elettric80@gmail.com
  • or in a sealed envelope to the address Via Marconi, 21, 42030 Viano (RE) indicating "Supervisory Body E80 Group S.p.A" as the addressee.


In compliance with the provisions of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 (the so-called Whistleblowing Directive) and, in general, with a view to further strengthening the fairness and transparency of its business activities, E80 Group has implemented and makes available to its employees and stakeholders an internal reporting channel through which it is possible to report, in a confidential manner, potentially inappropriate, improper or illegal acts or conduct, or alleged violations of laws and regulations, of the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics and Supplier Code of Conduct, of Model 231 (limited to E80 Group S.p.A.), as well as the system of regulations, directives and procedures internal to E80 Group, of which one becomes aware in the work-related context.

The use of the reporting channel makes it possible not only to prevent the occurrence of non-compliance or irregularities within the organisation, but also to involve all stakeholders in the law enforcement activities, through active and responsible participation.

In particular, two separate professional IT whistleblowing platforms have been implemented, called 'My Whistleblowing', which can be accessed by all stakeholders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from the following links respectively:

Through the platforms set up by E80 Group, it is possible to report both in oral and written form.

In its whistleblowing management activities, E80 Group undertakes to comply with the EU and national legislation on personal data protection (EU Regulation 2016/679, Article 17 of Whistleblowing Directive) by processing personal data related to whistleblowing in accordance with the "Privacy Information Notice" visible on the respective reporting channel access pages.

The "Whistleblowing Policy, visible in the respective reporting channel access pages, regulates the functioning of the internal reporting channel and the management of reports, as well as the possible disciplinary measures applicable in case of improper or bad faith conduct by the persons involved in the reporting system.