These are the fundamental characteristics of Silkworm, the system that has revolutionized the concept of stretch film wrapping by combining robotics with the use of a 1000-mm high film reel and the product in rotation which ensure the system fast speed. All models guarantee the highest quality of wrapping, as well as uniformity of spare parts and the same methods of use. 


Silkworm systems guarantee, for all solutions:


Wrapping quality and efficiency

  • Fast and complete wrapping diagonals on the pallet, to ensure a higher load stability
  • The 1000-mm high film reel offers stability, greater securing of the product to the pallet, reduced sliding of layers of product
  • 60.000 hours MTBF

High sustainability

  • Up to 30% less film consumption compared with manual or traditional wrappers
  • The use of 1000-mm high film reel decreases the frequency of the reel changes


  • The automatic head changeover technology ensures operational continuity to the system and allows the operator to replace the reel in total safety outside the guards, guaranteeing at the same time 8-hours autonomy.