Silkworm Turbo has revolutionized the concept of pallet wrapping by introducing robotics combined with the 1000-mm high film reel and a non-revolving wrapping head in this sector. 

The anthropomorphic robot carries out more operations in different points of the line, optimizing the layout configurations in reduced spaces, increasing system’s efficiency and speed, with 200 pallets wrapped/h. Finally, the automatic reel changeover ensures an operating autonomy up to 8 hours, while the use of the 1000-mm high film reel and 60 kg weight considerably reduces the frequency of the plastic film replacement, improving plant safety and sustainability. The reduction of wrapping turns also results in lower energy consumption and a dramatic drop in mechanical maintenance costs. 


  • Production capacity up to 135 pallets/h and automatic head changeover 
  • 60 000 hours robot MTBF
  • Low energy consumption  
  • Reduced consumption of plastic material, thanks to the use of the 1000-mm high reel and the pre-stretching control 

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