Equipped with motorized top press plates, Silkworm Smar2 provides high wrapping quality, while also ensuring flexibility, high speed, reduced use of film and operational autonomy for a compact layout.

Thanks to the automatic wrapping head changeover, a patented system that ensures operating autonomy up to 8 hours and uses a 1000-mm high film reel that weighs 60 kg which considerably reduces the frequency of its replacement, this system improves plant safety and sustainability, allowing for film savings of 5%. The reduction of wrapping turns also results in lower energy consumption and a dramatic drop in mechanical maintenance costs.


  • Production capacity up to 120 pallets/h and automatic head changeover 
  • 60 000 hours robot MTBF
  • High wrapping quality 
  • Reduced consumption of plastic material, thanks to the use of the 1000-mm high reel and the pre-stretching control

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