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Elettric80 among the top 100 Italian companies by Enel e Symbola Foundation Report

Elettric80 is among the 100 italian excellent robotics and automation stories, according to Enel and Symbola Foundation Report presented in Rome, February 2020.

The aim of this research is explained by Ermete Realacci, President of the Symbola Foundation, and Francesco Storace, Enel CEO:

“100 experiences that demonstrate that Italy can meet any challenge, even the most technologically advanced, without forgetting the importance of research in creating an economy and society on a human scale”.


At page 60 of the document (please, find attached the full version) we can read about E80 Group:

«Men capable of great deeds are often driven by a dream. Enrico Grassi and Vittorio Cavirani, President and General Manager of Elettric80, dared to turn that dream into reality, founding a world-renowned mechatronics centre in Viano (RE) in the 1980s. E80 Group is specialized in the realization of automated logistics solutions for companies that produce consumer goods. In 1992 Bema was founded to develop robotic systems in synergy with those of the Viano-based company.»

«Thanks to innovative technologies and through the analysis of customers’ logistic processes, Elettric80 has pioneered the concept of Industry 4.0. Tailor-made solutions allow managing every supply chain activity, increasing factory efficiency and product traceability. The SM.I.LE80 (Smart Integrated Logistics) software platform controls the logistics flow. It ensures system integration and optimized management of all operations, from the entrance of raw materials to storage and shipment. Today the company has more than 800 employees and 13 branches worldwide; it has built approximately 300 integrated factories, installed more than 2.000 robotic systems, 4.500 automatic laser-guided vehicles and offers remote and on-site service 24 hours a day. Thanks to constant investment in the territory and young people, the dream goes on.»

We're proud that our commitment to invest in the future and the growth of our country has been recognized.


Integration is the future