In the tissue sector, E80 Group is highly specialized in the implementation of integrated systems for automating logistics and palletizing and for ensuring maximum efficiency, flexibility and safety.

Case History

At the heart of this leadership is the Dragon system, a high-speed palletizer with fully robotized layer preparation. The design of the system is driven by the industry’s clear trend towards handling parcels, bags and cartons at high speed and on the same line, with frequent format changes.

Over the last decade, E80 Group has brought cutting-edge technology to the tissue industry, a precursor to total integration, designed either within existing plants or for new factories in the converting and warehouse areas. Is Elephant LGVs systems for reel transport and storage also give customers more effective access to the production line, as well as improved product traceability and waste reduction.

LGVs-based warehouse solutions and high-density Smart Store are ideal for the tissue industry which is particularly attentive to quality and value for money.
Furthermore, E80 Group guarantees customers the ability to interact with ERP systems and other suppliers.