Selective - single deep or double deep - is the storage system used to guarantee the availability of different codes

Usually, the Selective system is used to store raw materials because it allows picking up reduced quantities of products when needed. Alternatively, it is used to exploit the plant in height: they can reach up to 11/12 meters. especially when you want to make singularizations, they are used in association with block storage (ex: block storage mono-code).

There is also the Double version, with two pallets in-depth for each cell.

The Selective Rack involves the use of technologically advanced safety devices and requires great reliability, factors that Elettric80 can guarantee thanks to the know-how and experience acquired over time and thanks to safety standards among the highest on the market. Usually, for this storage system, we use the Trilateral and the Reach pantograph LGV systems. 


Adaptability and flexibility

  • There are no particular constraints for the application of this system, so it is the ideal solution to automate an existing racking system with stands low tolerances
  • Compared to convetional solutions, Selective Rack can work automatically even with low tolerances: even up to 65mm distance between the pallets.

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