The multi-depth storage system combines satellites and LGVs for many applications.

The shelves are structured in such a way as to be able to accommodate a motorized satellite that slides to the desired point, positioning itself under the pallet to be handled.

This system has the same storage density as the Drive-In, but provides more selectivity and greater speed.  AGVs/LGVs ensure efficient handling without entering the aisles. 

Satellite features:

  • it moves within totally independent channels
  • it is charged by a battery in special charging stations
  • it can handle pallets up to 1500kg.

Typically, for this storage system, we use the LGV Reach system. 


  • Efficiency and total integration 
  • High selectivity and speed 
  • Easy Storage satellite has a lower cost than AGV systems, so this system is very competitive in economic terms
  • Combines perfectly with our WMS systems
  • It uses the same technology as the LGVs and dialogues perfectly with their systems, allowing a single technician to manage both machines.
  • Vehicles are equipped with centering devices to properly insert satellites into the channel and allow you to work safely 
  • Just like the Drive-In system, it provides both FIFO and LIFO management.

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