The Drive-in storage system maximizes the available space in both height and width. 

The drive-in operation requires a high degree of precision in both depositing and picking because it is based on guides into which the pallets are inserted, and the pallet must be placed in the center of the channel. The Drive-in is usually combined with the LGV Reach, which is equipped with a retractable mast and a centering system that uses motorized photocells to orient the forks, moving them to the right and left to center the guide.

The Drive-in system requires a great deal of know-how and a lot of experience and technologically advanced safety devices.


  • Ability to store at heights of up to 11 meters 
  • Exceptional space saturation capacity combined with low selectivity: therefore, ideal for huge batch productions (mainly for finished products)
  • Possibility to intervene on an existing drive-in and automate it
  • Possibility to interface with any drive-in, thanks to the completeness of the LGV fleet, with which it is possible to enter the channels
  • Ideal also for very low drive-ins
  • It can be emptied and refilled without interrupting production. This is thanks to 3D surveying and special devices on the shuttle, we also use an excel file that lists the pallets.
  • Allows both FIFO and LIFO management
  • Perfect for all market sectors.

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