Among the first goods storage methods developed by our Group, the Block Storage system consists of storing pallets in blocks.

Thanks to AGV/LGV systems, pallets are handled automatically and stacked directly on the ground in stacks up to a maximum stable storage height, which depends mainly on the product type. 

Typically, in the beverage sector, four levels can be reached, in food three, while in tissue, the maximum is two levels. Aisles are created to ensure access to the different storage units (SKUs) by LGVs, and this requires adequate space, which is calculated during the layout phase. The layout is processed and optimized thanks to the software, making the analysis of high rotation codes and adapting the rows' length accordingly.





  • This storage system requires no special infrastructure 


  • Through the pallet recognition devices, we can manage in advance the deformations that may occur when pallets are stacked one on top of the other
  • Our Block Stacking systems make use of cameras for alternative guidance
  • The use of lasers guarantees guidance for storage up to 6 meters; if it is necessary to go beyond this height, we use alternative navigation with cameras
  • The equipment is equipped with devices (motorized photocells) that allow us to work at height with absolute precision and safety




More than 450 integrated solutions


More than 2800 robotic systems


More than 9000 AGVs and LGVs


Since 2016, 50 automated high-density warehouses