Flexible and fast palletizing system with complete half-layer fork gripper

Lion palletizing system use anthropomorphic robots both for palletizing operations and for pre-formation and management operations of auxiliary materials. This system uses motorized grippers with electrical axes synchronized with the robot movements and high-performance and low-maintenance transmission systems. They are also equipped with intuitive man-machine interfaces and software for the automatic creation of new palletizing patterns. Finally, Lion palletizing system interfaces with LGV/AGV, perfectly integrating all intralogistics operations within a plant.


Flexibility and high performance

  • High precision in product position
  • Automatic changeover management


  • Constant reliability over time

More than 400 integrated solutions


More than 2700 robotic systems


More than 7000 AGVs and LGVs


Since 2016, 50 automated high-density warehouses