QUAD is equipped with four drive wheels that allow lateral movement at an angle of up to 90 degrees to the main direction of travel.

The Quad is an LGV with a conveyor system for transporting 2 or 4 pallets of product up to 4 tons of weight. Thanks to its ability to interface with the roller conveyors of palletizers, stretch wrappers, and automated storage systems even in confined spaces, this LGV represents a strategic solution for complete supply chain integration, even on brownfield sites.



  • Optimization of the maneuvering space thanks to the crab movement; this allows lateral movements at an angle of 90 degrees of an angle compared to the main direction of travel
    Therefore, Quad ensures maximum optimization of maneuvering space.


  • Quad reaches a maximum travel speed of 1.5 m/second 

Reliability and stability

  • Quad can handle up to 4 tons of total weight
  • Quad is equipped with a conveyor system that is used to transport 2 or 4 pallets of product

Integrated with all industrial systems 

  • Thanks to the ability to interface with the roller conveyors of palletizers, wrappers, and automatic warehouses, within restricted spaces, Quad vehicles are strategic to ensure the total integration of the supply chain, even within brownfield. 

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