Elephant guarantees efficiency and flexibility upstream of production lines in the tissue or printing sectors.

It is a laser-guided vehicle equipped with specific clamps to handle paper reels up to 5,000 kg and 6.5 m high without damage. This LGV is equipped with two steering and translating drive wheels to ensure maximum stability when handling heavy loads.



  • This LGV is the ideal solution to work flexibly upstream of production lines in the tissue industry or the printing sector.
  • It reaches a maximum lifting height of 6.5 m.  The maximum speed this vehicle can reach is 1.5 m/second.  

Reliability and quality 

  • Elephant can handle heavy paper reels and store them in block-store warehouses, stacking them on several levels. 
  • It is equipped with clamps that can lift the load without damaging the paper, thus guaranteeing product quality and reducing waste and rejects.

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