CB DUAL DRIVE is equipped with steering drive wheels. facilitating and speeding up conveyor, ground, and block-storage loading and unloading.

This LGV with extensible forks, that are capable of moving products from one area of a plant to another,  is also an excellent automatic truck-loading system.



  • The CB Dual Drive is equipped with steering drive wheels (instead of one front wheel, as in the CB mono drive) 
  • It allows to transport loads up to 3 tons depending on the model (CB25 - CB30)


  • The Dual Drive model is also capable of working inside Twin-Load warehouses, i.e. systems in which two pallets of product can be stored simultaneously. 
  • It reaches a lifting height of up to 9.5 m.

Truck Loading 

  • CB Dual Drive is an excellent automatic truck loading system.

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