Stacker cranes allow single, double and multi-depth storage


The AS/RS STACKER CRANE high-density automated warehouse stands out for the use of stacker cranes equipped with devices for the automatic handling of products in single, double or multi-depth storage layout, with advanced technological solutions for high performance and reliability, energy-efficient operation and minimized maintenance costs. Crane Store can be implemented in brownfield and greenfield projects.



  • Maximum selectivity for warehouses with a low storage-to-managed-items ratio.
  • Maximum operating times even in the presence of a high number of items in stock.
  • Storage capacity enhancement for the same floor space, because they can operate at impressive storage heights (over 40 meters),
  • High system reliability
  • Modularity
  • Redundancy


  • The SM.I.LE80 software platform governs the storage systems, input/output peripheral units and LGVs/AGVs.


  • Studied and customized according to the operating parameters of the factory and using discrete-event simulation software, customers can compare different scenarios of the same system to verify all functions and select the best-operating logics for absolutely reliable results.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy saving achieved by exploiting the integrated regenerative features of the stacker crane drives and the lithium-ion batteries powering the satellites.
  • Automatically and daily monitoring of all the batteries installed daily by the Flash Data Center software developed by Flash Battery.


  • Provided with safety systems for independent access to the various aisles.
  • Can be equipped with fire protection, lighting and air conditioning systems.

More than 450 integrated solutions


More than 2800 robotic systems


More than 9000 AGVs and LGVs


Since 2016, 50 automated high-density warehouses