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Elettric80 and Bema contribute to the Covid -19 emergency

With the aim of supporting healthcare facilities, our companies have allocated 100,000.00 Euros to the AUSL - IRCSS, the public healthcare system of Reggio Emilia for the purchase of technology and devices to increase the number of units in intensive care and augment care services for patients.

"In this very delicate period, from a social and health point of view, it is important that everyone gives their best effort and that we help each other. Never before has real teamwork allowed us to make such a difference. With this donation,” declares the Elettric80 and Bema Board of Directors, “we have chosen to offer a concrete contribution in favor of those who are working with dedication, professionalism, and sensitivity to guarantee the protection of everyone's health. We have started in our own neighborhood, in cohesion with the corporate social responsibility projects we are carrying out: from the support of local volunteer organizations to the youth sports groups and schools and universities. We are sure that, thanks to everyone’s commitment, the country will come out of this crisis with its head held high and even stronger than before. Finally, we are extremely grateful to all those who work with great personal sacrifice on the emergency frontlines to save people's lives: doctors, nurses, health workers, and civil protection agencies. Thank you, you make us proud to be Italian".

With the aim of making a significant contribution through our behavior to protecting of the health of our personnel, their families and our surroundings, as well as supporting the emergency production efforts of our customers who are active in the sectors of consumer products (food, beverage and tissue), we guarantee the continuity of services with the help of our subsidiaries worldwide and our advanced technological infrastructures for networking.

Since the beginning of the emergency, we have undertaken, and strengthened over the course of these weeks, all the preventive measures prescribed. We have adopted every precaution aimed at the safe management of work activities, both with initiatives consistent with current regulations for sanitation/sanitization and personal protective equipment and with a reorganization of all the offices regarding:

- Holiday plans;

- Use of remote/smart working;

- Job rotation;

- Introduction of health protection guidelines, as a preventive measure, for all our personnel abroad, with a request to guarantee safety conditions consistent with the Italian regulations in force.

"At this very difficult time, our first priority as entrepreneurs is to safeguard the health of our employees and at the same time to guarantee continuity to our customers,” affirms the President of Elettric80 e Bema​, Enrico Grassi,without neglecting the fact that we must emerge from this situation on our feet so we can ensure a long future together. This is a real opportunity to show that together we are stronger".


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