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Smart Factories, a Sustainable Future

Held by Barilla, Elettric80, and Bema together, the Smart Factories & Sustainable Future event was live-streamed on YouTube last Tuesday, October 20, 2020.


Alessandro Spadini, Plant Manager of Barilla (Parma), Enrico Grassi, President of Elettric80 and Bema, and Vittorio Cavirani, Vice President of Elettric80 and Bema, explained how advanced intralogistics solutions help improve factory sustainability.


During the live streaming event - moderated by Gabriele Grassi, Elettric80 and Bema Global Communication Supervisor  - attendees could interact with questions via chat. Still, we will be happy to answer any questions we receive in the future on factory sustainability: you can contact us by writing to the email address: live.questions@E80 Group.it. 

We are happy to share the link to watch the event again: click HERE.


Watch also the video shot at the Barilla plant in Pedrignano (PR), with the interview with Alessandro Spadini. 




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