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Our Group acquires the Italian start-up Ermes-X

One of the latest initiatives of our Group is the acquisition of ERMES-X, a startup founded by three young Italians, active in the development and supply of software applications linked to the world of logistics and industrial automation. Its three co-founders, Matteo Colonna, Davide Croci and Eglis Mella stood out thanks to their ability to develop innovative software solutions by using operative search algorithms and artificial intelligence. Within our Group, they will contribute to the development of SM.I.LE80, our software platform for the integrated management of operations in smart factories worldwide. 

"We have always placed distributed intelligence, rather than machines, at the heart of processes, thanks to the software that coordinates and oversees a series of technologies that make all our hardware systems smart", Enrico Grassi and Vittorio Cavirani, President and Vice-President of the Group explain. "We immediately understood the importance of teaming up with the young founders of ERMES-X. As a Group, we have committed ourselves for this partnership to become a significant opportunity in terms of professional and personal growth for them, at an international and dynamic scale. Our hope is that it will inspire youngsters who believe in the future. We are investing in them and their ideas because we know that this is where prosperous collaborations start: if values are shared, ideas are innovative and development is coherent, all the energy and investments put into it are rewarded".

Watch the video here

Our Group acquires the Italian start-up Ermes-X