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IoT4.0 Laboratory, presented the first two projects in the logistics field

"The IoT4.0 Laboratory is tangible proof that connecting the world of research, universities, and business, fostering technological innovation, and valuing young people, is possible. The results achieved during these first months of activity by the projects completed by the research team were presented on September 9 in the Lecture Hall of our University and are an important step forward on the course we plotted with Elettric80, SM.I.LE80 and the ISIRES Research Center. It is a best practice that we have been working on successfully, and that is achieving major results despite the challenges of this moment in history".

Francesco Cupertino, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Bari, during his visit to our companies in September, reasserted his satisfaction for our public-private partnership that has led to establishing the laboratory headed by Alfredo Grieco, professor of the Internet of Things at Poliba.

"I hope that this virtuous model will be replicated nationwide and even internationally because it forms an important bridge between the world of education and the labor market, between the South and the North of the country," added the Rector.


"The objectives of the IoT4.0 Laboratory are in line with the need to invest more in innovation and young people career, two assets on which our companies have strongly focused ever since their foundation and which respond to Italy’s needs for growth”, explained Stefano Cavirani, General Manager of SM.I.LE80. “The collaboration was created to support technological development, value graduates and doctorates through grants, and encourage the sharing of knowledge."

"Together with the University, we have created an unparalleled network that has allowed us to bring projects into fruition by implementing transversal skills in logistics and focusing on activities aimed at process optimization in the areas of automated picking management, automatic transport planning, and logistics more in general, through the use of augmented reality technologies, industrial IoT systems and advanced control algorithms. We are very proud to support this activity and of the results that we are achieving", added Domenico Di Terlizzi R&D Manager of E80 Group.


Two of the presented projects were praised by the top management and the Polytechnic University because they will soon be applied in the company. One is related to internal logistics, while the other is applied to external logistics. The first project, called "SmartPicking," is dedicated to "Intelligent Warehouse Logistics Management" and concerns the optimization of the load composition of the products on pallets through the study and application of special calculation algorithms and the execution of appropriate preparation phases. The second project, called "YMS/TMS", on the other hand, focuses on "the organization of transport vehicles on the loading bay and integration with transport systems" through the localization of assets and trailers inside the area, using devices that combine the use of satellite localization and communication technology for the optimized management of the bay and the entire transport system.


The young researchers from Poliba, who also visited our companies, are Giulia Tresca, engineer, 24 years old, from Barletta (BT); Virginia Montaruli, engineer, 25 years old, from Siracusa; Pierpaolo Petruzzi, engineer, 29 years old, from Rutigliano (BA); Giovanni Walter Mele, graduating in engineering, 24 years old, from Bernalda (MT); Martino Bruno, graduating in engineering, 27 years old, from Bitritto (BA) and Berloco Francesco, graduating in engineering, 25 years old from Altamura (BA).


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